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Positive Journaling — An Encouragement & Reflection

I wanted to share something I was tasked with by my therapist that I thought was completely ridiculous and terribly uncomfortable … But so very useful and effective: Positive Journaling. I would venture to say that many people with very … Continue reading

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On Being Vulnerable

This last week has certainly flown by. I’ve fallen a bit behind on my writing schedule, and have chosen to be okay with that. I’ve been writing a little less lately, and focusing on some other things — initially I … Continue reading

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Suicide, Self-Esteem, and the Power of Positive Thoughts

I have two things on the forefront of my mind that I am compelled to share, so I’m going to go in two directions with this post. ¬†First, this news headline caught my eye this week, and struck a chord … Continue reading

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