You might be wondering … who am I?

One morning I embarked on a simple, easy day-hike.  One wrong turn, fourteen hours and twenty miles later …. I realized my journey had only then begun.

The internet knows me as twentymilehike — an intermittent blogger, Instagram-er, Facebook-er and commenter. This blog is my space to share some of life’s amazing moments, wisdom that comes from journeying around the sun, speculations on what makes us tick, observations of the plenitude of life’s riches, thoughts from the depths of my soul. I also write about my adventures — travelling by foot or by van, climbing, hiking, exploring. A little of this, and a little of that.

After a series of painful losses, I began writing publicly as a way to connect to others with similar experiences. I lost both parents in a short time — my mother to cancer and my father to suicide. I have experienced abuse, depression, divorce and extreme loneliness. I want to share what I’ve been through; I want to make connections with the world. I want to be as positive and encouraging as possible and I want everyone who reads this to know that you are not alone. The more that I share, the more that I realize we are all connected.

Sometimes life hands you copious amounts of lemons. It’s time to squeeze the sh*t out of those lemons.


PC: Brandon Riza –

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