A Joshua Tree Adventure


Picture me, walking along the trail with a bounce in my step, a smile on my face. I’m wearing a brimmed hat and sunglasses, my favorite t-shirt, carrying a small backpack with water, a first aid kit and extra layers from the chilly desert morning. The sun is warming the air; it’s probably around 9:00 am and I’ve been on the trail since about 6:30, just after sunrise. I’ve reached the final flat portion of the Lost Horse Mine Loop in Joshua Tree National Park and I’m getting hungry. My watch tells me I’m about a mile from the parking lot, but I’m reluctant to hurry.

I am enjoying my surroundings, especially the pleathora of plant life, insects and birds on this lovely Sunday morning. I stop to admire a bush filled with buzzing bees, polinating busily. I move on, scaring a rabbit, spying a hawk, bending over to watch a large black beetle. I am happily meandering along … when a bee starts buzzing in my ear. I rarely fear bees; they rarely seem to have a conflict with me. I shake my head.

She is still buzzing in my ear.

I walk a little faster, attempting to move away from her. She is still buzzing in my ear.

I move faster. I’m almost jogging at this point, shaking my head sporadically … and she’s still buzzing in my ear.

I eventually raise my hand to shoo her away, but she doesn’t shoo; instead, she latches onto my finger. I take my hand and begin waving it wildly in front of me, yet she persists, and finally sinks her stinger firmly into my ring finger I swing my arm wide, flinging her to the ground where she lands somewhere in a small pile of foliage.

I look at my finger. I look at the ground. I look back at my finger and quickly pull the stinger out. Before I realize exactly what I’m doing, I find myself leaning over the foliage, scanning the complicated pattern for the dying bee, who I can hear buzzing erratically and I yell at her, “Why? WHYYYYYYYYY? Why did you have to die!?!?!?”

In a moment of clarity, uprighting myself, I pause.

I turn around. I think, I am so glad no one was behind me to witness this. 


Sunrise in Joshua Tree


The sun peeking up over the hill.


View of the valley from the Lost Horse Mine Loop Trail


I love this Cactus


Abandoned things near the old mine, always fascinating. This was an old cot next to a chimney.




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