Being Present

My perspective on time has been slowly transforming.

I realize this is a broad statement, and I’m not exactly prepared to elaborate. However, prepared isn’t necessarily a word that can often be used to describe me. Nope, not in a long shot. I sit here today, at my desk, feeling and yet not feeling the pressure of time, not prepared to write, not prepared for much other than eating this bowl of yogurt that is in front of me. Instead of being prepared, instead of crafting, I want to talk about my Saturday, in brief, as it comes to me.

Nothing was planned; everything was random. My partner-in-crime for the day and I got in the car with only a slight thought about where we were headed, and we improvised every moment of it. With a general direction in mind and a potential, very loose goal, we found ourselves at a photography store, a sandwich shop, some sort of equestrian jumping competition, a dusty trail, a dockside bar, a dark tavern, and a seaweed swathed stretch of beach. We ended the day with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

And as I lazed around on Sunday, reflecting, I came to realize that there are absolutely moments in life when time is not of the essence — there are moments in life when it is sheer ecstasy to forget about your watch, stop looking at the clock, and not worry about what time it is and when you should be doing what. I always assumed those moments came only during my wilderness adventures, but I’ve learned they can occur anywhere.

And I’ve certainly learned that they can and should occur whenever possible. I look back at my weekend of urban adventures very fondly. There is so much joy to be able to forget about everything aside from what is before you; to give over all of your attention to the moment that you are in right now; to give wholly to the experience you are having — to be present. 

If you are like me, you might dwell all too often; you might even experience far too much anxiety about the future. It is easy for me to be lost in my own thoughts, often missing so much of this very moment. Go forth, dear reader, and be present. Never forget that there are beautiful moments all around us.

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