On Being Frazzled

There are a lot of things running through my head right now.  For example, I have renamed this post and started it over three times.  And there is nothing saying it won’t happen again …

So, I’m going to go with the topic of “frazzled.”  It’s a thing.  I experience it regularly.  I’m experiencing it right now.  I try to do too many things at one time.  My mind wanders.  I get distracted.  I sometimes wonder if I have legitimate ADD, or if maybe social media and smart phones have reduced my attention span to next to nothing.  I wonder if I don’t just have a very bad case of chronic cabin fever.  A strange thing happens: I get agitated.  I need to get outside.  I go outside.  I go for a run.  I feel better.  I go back inside.  Now I feel even more that I need to get outside.  It’s a vicious cycle, and I think it just means that I’m destined to be outside ….

If only.

So I get frazzled, and my writing suffers.  My goals slip away.  My task list is unattended to.  My house becomes messy.  I give up, because I can’t seem to keep up.

So I need to stop … I need to stop and slow down.  I need to give myself space and time and chill out with the pressure.  It’s okay to go slow.  It’s okay to take time.  This life wasn’t meant for us to waste away running around frazzled.  This life was meant to be enjoyed.  We were meant to just be in the world around us.  We were destined to breathe deep and smile big.  Things will wait.  Things will be there tomorrow.

I learned something very important from a book that was gifted to me many years ago.  For almost a decade this modest paperback has been collecting dust on my bookshelf and this year it jumped out at me and changed my life and my mind.  Bare Bones Mediation by Joan Tollifson is a book I recommend to anyone who is feeling a bit lost.  It found me when the time was right.  Joan shares so much wisdom, and I have so many quotes that I am always jotting down and sharing.  But today I want to leave just one that always calms me:

“Just to be here in this moment, without time.  This is your whole life.  This isn’t some sideline activity.  This is it — just to feel and be with what is.”

Life is too beautiful not to relish.

Take Time

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